Deeble Perspectives Brief No. 10: Providing telehealth in general practice during COVID-19 and beyond

Deeble Issues Brief No. 34: Can value-based health care support health equity?

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Video 1 – Introduction
In our Issues Brief, ‘Can value-based health care support equity?’, we put forward five recommendations for implementing equitable value-based health care reforms. 
Video 2 – Governance

Governments and public-funded health organisations should establish cross-sector partnerships with health, community, and social services as they implement value-based health care initiatives. 

Video 3 – Funding

To ensure that value-based health care reforms support health equity, we recommend that governments ensure that health funding arrangements are designed to promote action that close these equity gaps and promote value-based care.

Video 4 – Service Design

To close health gaps and achieve greater public value for health investment, healthcare decisions need to be informed and driven by data that correctly identifies health disparities.

Video 5 – Data Driven Decision Making

To better understand community health needs and develop policy that supports value and equity, data from health, community and social services should be collected,  linked and shared between agencies.

Video 6 – Equitable Access
Rural and remote Australians have poorer health outcomes than their metropolitan conterparts. We recommend that public health investment strategies should seek to make emerging health treatments and technologies available to all Australians, not just to those who live in major cities and can afford them.