Value for patients is created at the local level, by the combined efforts of providers in partnership with patients. Clinician and organisational leadership have been identified as critical factors in successfully shifting to value-based approaches to care. Defining patient groups or population segments, and mapping their healthcare journey is an important first step to get a shared understanding of the patient experience by everyone involved in the care cycle. Experience-based co-design is important for services considering the patient’s healthcare journey, and shared decision-making important for clinicians working with individual patients in clinical practice.

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The Experience Based Co-Design Toolkit provides a convenient reference to equip those working in the health sector with the tools and approaches to bring consumers and health workers together in an authentic and equal partnership to co-design care to deliver an improved experience.

If your organisation requires additional assistance to undertake co-design, AHHA has an experienced team who can support you. For more information contact Lisa Robey by email or on 02 6162 0780.

EBCD toolkit

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