The Australian Centre for Value-Based Health Care seeks to act as a nexus for the value-based health care movement in Australia by bringing together educational and training opportunities, quality research and best practice case studies into a hub where those interested in value-based health care can easily find resources. In doing so, the Centre also seeks to create a network of partner organisations who support both the work of the Centre and its aims and objectives. 

The Centre is actively building partnerships with a range of organisations including:

Education partners

Training partners

Research partners

Event partners

For more information on how your organisation can become an Australian Centre for Value-Based Health Care partner, contact Policy Manager Emma Hoban.

The Centre works with academic partners who are internationally renowned for their work in the field to contextualise their courses and educational offerings for Australia and to then provide educational opportunities for Australians in Australia.

Partners include both the educational opportunities and a range of other organisations interested in financially supporting this work.

In addition to education specifically focused on the field of value-based health care, there are a range of tools which offer complementary skills for organisations and individuals undertaking value-based health care projects.

The Centre builds relationships with organisations providing such training to offer them to the Australian market at the best possible price and where required, with appropriate customisation to reflect the Australian context. 

There is currently limited published Australian evidence on value-based care. The Centre aims to commission research – both peer reviewed and grey literature – which will be published on the Centre’s website and in the Australian Health Review journal with the aim of disseminating all such research as open access material.

Research partners may include those undertaking research who wish to publish in partnership with the Centre, and also organisations that wish to fund such research and support its dissemination.

The Centre is developing a series of events to bring leading thinkers from around the world to Australia and provide an opportunity for Australian leaders and organisations to share their case studies. These events will build on the World Hospital Congress organised by the AHHA in 2018 which had a core focus on value-based health care.

Event Partners will support the events either financially or through in-kind contributions such as provision of venues and other related event requirements.   

The Centre also encourages innovative partnership models where the aims of the activity align with the objectives of the Centre. If you or your organisation are interested in developing a partnership with the Australian Centre for Value-Based Health Care partner, please contact Business Development Director Suzzie Harvey.