Established by the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals
, the Australian Centre for Value-Based Health Care’s vision is for a healthy Australia, supported by the best possible health care system. 

We do this by pursuing the creation of a system where health care is funded and delivered with a prime focus on outcomes achieved at an affordable cost for patients and the health system. 

The Australian Centre for Value-Based Health Care acknowledges the World Economic Forum definition of value:

The health outcomes that matter to patients relative to the resources or costs required.

In collaboration with our supporters and partners, the Centre aims to:

·       To increase knowledge and understanding of the principles of value-based health care

·       To build the skills required to successfully implement value-based health care

·       To influence public policy to enable the transition to value-based health care, focused on outcomes and patient-centred models of care and supported by innovative funding models

·      To curate and share best practice examples, theory and research on value-based health care

·      To be recognised as the Australian thought leadership organisation for value-based health care